facilities - Sanctuary

A Quick Review

We are thankful to have one of the finest facilities in Colleyville, featuring a stunning, newly renovated sanctuary with a center isle, a state of the art fully equipped kitchen, beautiful prayer garden, multi-purpose Event Center, and everything in between. We started from small simple facilities, but with the financial support of our congregation and enthusiastic volunteers, we have built a number of additions. Our sanctuary was built in 1985, an education wing in 1994, and more recently our Family Life Center, commonly referred to as the Event Center, was completed in 2005. From Wednesday night meals to homeschooling classes and large conferences, we have a space for everything.

facilities - Sanctuary

Completed in 1985 and renovated in April of 2011, our two floor sanctuary is complete with a projector, sound system, and uniquely curved pews that can seat up to 400 people. Although this space is typically used for our traditional services, it is also ideal for weddings and funerals. If you are interested in reserving this space for an upcoming occasion, please email us by clicking the link below.

If you are interested in using our sanctuary for your wedding, please click on the link below.  With beautiful stained glass windows, a center isle and muted colors, our sanctuary will provide the perfect backdrop for your special day and photo memories.


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facilities - Event Center

Equipped with a non-regulation sized carpeted basketball court, environmental lighting, state of the art sound system, a stage, multiple classrooms, and a pristine kitchen, our Family Life Center is perfect for many occasions. The Family Life Center is commonly used for events such as youth basketball groups, summer classes, small concerts, large group meetings, conferences and more. If you are interested in reserving this space for an upcoming occasion, please email us today by clicking the link below.

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facilities - Narthex

Having a space to gather after service to talk with friends and family is important to us, which is why we built the spacious Narthex right outside of the sanctuary. There is plenty of seating and tables for people to rest, get a cup of coffee, and a snack before continuing with their day. Something else to look out for in our Narthex is the abundant amount of information about the church, upcoming events, and a wide variety of programs with which you can get involved.

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facilities - Education Wing

Our Education Wing, built in 1993, currently houses our Noah’s Ark Preschool, which was established in August of 1996. The school is a mission of the church but is supported by the tuition that parents pay each month.

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facilities - Youth Building

The Youth building is the original church facility, and is currently used to house many of the youth worship services, such as Wednesday Bible Study and Sunday School. Equipped with a home theater, pool and ping pong table, foosball and air hockey, this is a great place for youth to hang out. Fun and games aside, this facility has a very spacious room for worship, classrooms for different grade levels, a lounge area, and a kitchen. If you are interested in reserving this space for an upcoming occasion, don’t wait, please email us today by clicking the link below.

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facilities - Memorial Prayer Garden

If you are looking for a peaceful and serene space to simply relax, meditate, pray or hold your next event, our prayer garden will not disappoint. Filled with beautiful plant life such as Magnolias, Irises, Crepe Myrtles, a running stream, and a paved paths, our prayer garden is perfect for outdoor wedding receptions. This area is frequently reserved in the Spring time, so if you are interested in reserving this space for an upcoming occasion, don’t wait, please email us today by clicking the link below.

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Although our facility is generally used for church related events, we understand that there are many in our community who can benefit form our facility for their secular events.  Homeschooling classes, group events, sports camps, scouting events, yoga classes and Spanish classes are common uses of our facilities. If you are interested in using our facility for your upcoming event, please review our policies and “How to Reserve” section below.

  1. The activity or function stays within the rules of the Book of Discipline.
  2. The activity or function does not adversely affect ongoing Church programs.
  3. The activity or function will not damage Church property or endanger people.
  4. The activity or function does not violate non-profit regulations.
  5. The individual or group follows the guidelines for scheduling and using the facilities, along with paying the appropriate usage fees, including any setup and cleaning fees if applicable.

facilities - Event Center

If you are interested in renting our competitively priced facility, make sure you have the date and time of your event ready when you contact our reservation specialist. To ensure we can get you set up quickly, please determine which part of our facility would be most useful to you. Feel free to browse through our facility descriptions in the tabs above.


Renting out our space to the community is a great way to support our church as well as provide a great, safe space for community groups to meet.

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