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Our church is filled with all sorts of people that are in a variety of different places on their faith journey. Some of us are exploring the Christian faith and aren’t quite sure we believe it. Some of us are new Christians and we are overwhelmed at where to begin on following Christ daily. Some of us have followed Christ for a while and are thirsting to know more and go deeper. Some of us have known Christ almost our whole lives, and we feel stuck in a rut and unsure of how to move forward to grow. During our Lenten sermon series The Disciple’s Path, we are taking an inward look at ourselves to reflect on where we are spiritually and how Jesus is inviting us into deeper relationship with him. We are looking at what it means to be disciple of Jesus Christ every day of our lives. During this sermon series, we are rolling out our path of discipleship, which is an intentional way to help all people to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Our path of discipleship has four overarching themes of Engage, Connect, Grow, and Serve. Each of these themes have two practices attached to help all of us grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. We engage the local community by encountering our neighbors and sharing our faith. We connect with God through worship and prayer. We grow in our faith through communing with other believers and learning more about God. We serve by helping others in our church and world and by giving ourselves and gifts to God. Each week of the series, we are discovering how each of these practices challenge, encourage, and stretch us in our faith. We hope you will join us for The Disciple’s Path sermon series, as we all take the next step of faith in our relationship with Christ.


Category: Spritual Growth
Engage : Share (Easter Sunday)

Engage : Share (Easter Sunday)

Speaker: Pastor Mike Dawson | April 18, 2017

  Jesus is risen! Jesus is risen, indeed! We had a beautiful and joyous Easter worship in all of our services, celebrating Christ’s resurrection. 🙂 This Sunday, we finished up the last practice in our...

Category: Spritual Growth
Serve : Give

Serve : Give

Speaker: Pastor Katie Lewis | April 12, 2017

  This is our seventh week in our Disciple’s Path series, and we talked about the practice of “Give.” Being a disciple of Jesus means following Jesus in all the areas of our life, and...

Category: Spritual Growth
Serve : Help

Serve : Help

Speaker: Pastor Mike Dawson | April 03, 2017

  This week was the sixth week in our Disciple’s Path series and we moved to the “Serve” area of discipleship and talked about helping others in the community and world. From poverty to disease...

Category: Spritual Growth
Grow : Learn

Grow : Learn

Speaker: Pastor Katie Lewis | March 28, 2017

  This week was the fourth week in our Disciple’s Path sermon series, and we talked about the practice of learning. Growing up in school, we learn a plethora of new things in math, history,...

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