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God is Big Enough

When our problems and storms grow large, it’s easy to begin to feel small and powerless. Fortunately we serve a God who promises that even with faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. Join us February 3-24 for a new sermon series entitled “God is Big Enough” as we look at how our faith and our God are big enough to tackle even the largest and most divisive issues we face in our lives, communities and even our church.


To Overcome Evil

To Overcome Evil

Speaker: Pastor Mike Dawson | February 10, 2019

In our second week of our sermon series God is Big Enough, we looked at those moments when we feel overwhelmed by evil and sin in our world and what God was doing in the...

To Overcome My Fear

To Overcome My Fear

Speaker: Pastor Katie Lewis | February 03, 2019

This Sunday we began a new series called God is Big Enough, where we are exploring some of the areas of our life where we often feel small and powerless and see what God has...

Couple, Interuppted

Couple, Interuppted

Speaker: Pastor Katie Lewis | December 02, 2018

There are moments in all of our lives when we are going through our normal, comfortable days and something happens to send our day, or sometimes our life, in a different direction. Sometimes these occurrences...

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