Staff & Leadership


The growing church thrives on a loving, enthusiastic, and supportive congregation but is also in need of a strong staff. Our staff is responsible for meeting the spiritual needs of our congregation, communicating the good word, scheduling all events, and maintaining the facilities during the week.  First UMC Colleyville has a small staff of under 15 people, and we make sure to select each person carefully. Scroll over each of the pictures below to read a short bio.  Our staff looks forward to meeting you and serving you during worship services each Sunday.


Pastor Mike

Senior Pastor

Pastor Mike is the senior pastor and leads the traditional services in worship every Sunday.

Mike Dawson

Senior Pastor


Pastor Katie

Associate Pastor

Pastor Katie oversees all adult ministries and leads the contemporary service every Sunday.

Katie Lewis

Associate Pastor



Jan Wise

Director of Noah's Ark Preschool

Jan leads the preschool team throughout the year and is responsible for much of the registration process for all students.


Addison Schmitz

Children's Director

Addison is the latest addition to the First UMC Colleyville team. She is responsible for all ministry to children birth thru 5th grade and for family related programming.


Jordan Ricks

Director of Music Ministries

Dr. Jung-Won Kim

Associate Director of Music Ministries

Dr. Jung Won Kim is a master organist, accompanying both traditional services and is leader of our Fine Arts Academy, which offers private music lessons.


Matthew Weaver

Director of Contemporary Music Ministries

Matt is the director of all music in the contemporary service.

Tari Bauer

Benevolent Funds Administrator

Tari works at the front of the Administration Office and greets everyone with a smile. She is bi-lingual and assists with many of our Helping Hands guests.


Melanie Riggins

Financial Secretary

Melanie is in charge of keeping track of giving, donations, financial records, and anything related to the church finances.

Nathan Altadonna


Nathan updates the church website and builds graphics for worship and church programs.


Arturo Perez

Facilities Maintenance Manager

Arturo is in charge of the maintenance of the entire church campus.


Jan Wise

Preschool Director

Jan is our Noah's Ark Preschool Director and has 20 years of experience working with preschool children.

Kay Tyler

Preschool Teacher

Kay teaches the students in the two year old Honeybee class. She is also the Nursery Director of the First UMC nursery.

Melanie Riggins

Preschool Teacher

Melanie teaches the two year olds in the Honeybee class.

Jessie Lawson

Preschool Music Teacher

Jessie teaches our music classes to all of our preschool children.

Jane Powell

Preschool Teacher

Jane teaches our 4 year olds in the Owl class.

Connie Shouten

Preschool Teacher

Connie teaches our transitional kindergarten class.

Dana Sanchez

Preschool Teacher

Dana teaches our 3 years olds in the Monkey class.

Maria Blanco

Preschool Teacher

Maria teaches our 18 month to 2 year olds in the Kangaroo class.

Vera Benfield

Preschool Teacher

Vera teaches the four year olds in the Elephant class.

Lezleigh Kleibrink

Preschool Teacher

Lezleigh teaches our four year olds in the Elephant Class.

Michelle Stribling

Preschool Teacher

Michelle teaches the four year olds in the Owl Class

Gretchen Griffin

Preschool Teacher

Gretchen teaches our 3 year olds in the Frog class.

Gayla Baldwin

Preschool Teacher

Gayla teaches the 18 month to 2 year olds in the Kangaroo class.

Ashley Samra

Preschool Teacher

Ashley Samra leads our 3 year old class called the Monkeys.

Sheryl Johnson

Preschool Teacher

Sheryl teaches our 3 year olds in the Frog class.

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