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If you have an upcoming event, click the link to download the ``Event Request Form`` and submit it to staff@fumccolleyville.org or fill the form out within your browser. This is the best way to communicate with everyone the details about your event!

First UMC Colleyville Events

Looking to host an event through the church? Make sure everyone knows the who, what, when, where and why, by posting your event to the First UMC Colleyville Calendar. The requirements to get an event on the “Church Hosted” event calendar are as follows.

  1. It must be an event that is organized by the church or by a group within the church (i.e. Small groups, Sunday Schools, Staff lead/organized events, etc.)
  2. The event, to ensure it is posted, must be submitted two weeks in advance. The sooner it is posted, the more likely it is to be noticed.
  3. All information on the form, either filled out online, or downloaded and emailed in, must be complete. If any information is missing, the form will be returned until completed, and your event will not be posted.

All events submitted will be reviewed prior to posting. Not all events are guaranteed to be posted to the calendar.

money talk
Apr 23

Common Sense: A Wesleyan Approach to Finances

Apr 26

Commune Young Adults Small Group

commune website rangers
Apr 30

The Light and Young Adults at the Rangers Game

May 21

Senior Sunday Roast & Recognition

Jun 25

Youth at Christ in Youth MOVE Conference

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