Christ In Youth Conference 2017 Recap

Christ In Youth Conference 2017 Recap


And Then… (This was the main theme of CIY)

Follow. See. Fail. Trust. Repeat. (These are the daily topics we covered while there)

This year CIY was just as amazing as it is every year. The first year was about Daniel and how he discovered the strength in community in Jesus Christ; the second we looked in the book of Ephesians and discussed how we are loved, rescued, united, changed, and sent; this year we looked into the story of Simon-Peter and how the Holy Spirit transformed his life for the better. Jesus called him to follow, forced him to see who he truly is, foresaw his failure, and when Peter realized his mistake he came back with a greater trust in Christ and then continued to spread the gospel to the world along with the other disciples and then…

We learned how much of Christianity is the continuation of the ‘and then…’ Peter left for us, however in our mission to continue and spread the Christian faith we are going to do exactly what Peter did and follow Jesus, see his power and acknowledge that he is the son of God, fail him in our sinful ways, trust in our faith and return to him, and then… It is our responsibility to continue Peter’s mission and life’s work because in the words of Jasper, one of our speakers and the Irish representative in CIY’s mission to go to Ireland, “We are called to follow… ultimately we are called to love.” Many of the youth have chosen to open their Kingdom Worker cards and pursue individual kingdom work however we as a youth group have made a decision to go out and do His work because we are called to follow Him and do His work during our time here.”


“We’re BACK!

You’ve probably noticed that the youth are back to filling the first two rows of the 11:11 service again. That’s because we’re back from our annual  week long trip to the Christ in Youth Conference in Durango, Colorado. Keep in mind this was not a vacation. Yes were nestled in the beautiful Colorado Mountains and many of our pictures highlight our white water rafting trip or playing outside. However, what is not pictured is the work that we put in worshiping, studying the word and digging deep into our faith. This conference is life changing, as in you don’t come back the same. Our students and adult leaders were poured into with the word of God through scripture, sermons and beautiful music. What’s more exciting is that our youth are fired up and excited to share their experiences with our congregation. Look for a new SELAH, time of prayer, and new worship songs. Also, notice as our youth passionately worship. Is there anything more exciting then the future of our church fired up for the Lord?!”



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