The United Methodist Men are an active group  that focuses on ministry and service to the Church, Community, and those in need through various projects, activities, and fund raisers.  In 2015 the group  raised and distributed  over $ 8,600 to ministries supported by FUMC Colleyville, including  $ 5,000 to Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange (GRACE)

The group meets on the second Saturday of each month at 7:30 AM  in the Event Center for breakfast, devotion, and fellowship.  All men are welcome whether members of the Church

First UMC Colleyville UMM

Some initiatives sponsored by the group inlcude:

“A Thousand Coats Against the Cold”
An annual drive introduced by FUMC men to collect coats, sweaters, and cold weather gear  for the  benefit of local agencies (First Street Methodist Mission, Northside Inter Community Agency (NICA), Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange (GRACE) ) serving the homeless and needy.  Some 3,300 items collected and distributed in the first two years

“Weekend Food Program”
Providing basic food items for some 40 students participating in the government lunch program at Glenhope Elementary, who over the weekend may not have access to breakfast or lunch.  This support will extend in 2016 to two other Colleyville schools — Brandsford Elementary and Colleyville Heritage High School.

“Mercy House”
Provided financial, light construction, and ‘maintenance’ support to Colleyville home for young women and mothers without families/ support.  Hosted a Wesley Meal for three young women residents and baby,  the director, and his wife, raising over five hundred dollars  for house operational needs.

Annually prepare and serve  pancake breakfast for 350 volunteers, guests, and participants in the Annual ‘Run for Rescue’ in support of the Child Rescue Center, Sierra Leone, Africa

Other service projects accomplished:
  • Completely renovated and financed a repossessed house to meet needs of a Congolese family of seven seeking asylum in the United States
  • Built 50 Square Yard Gardens for Northside InterCommunity Agency (NICA), and worked alongside our Youth Group to deliver the gardens and soil to help needy families grow their own vegetables
  • Assisted an elderly, handicapped  family, converting the house to handicap/ wheel chair accessible; sponsored a Church wide family work day, dircting the efforts of some 50 strong to clean up the yard, remove trash and dead trees, install entry ramps, and repair fences
  • Supported Weekly Wesley Meals by hosting 6-7 meals a year, generating funds for supported ministries

Carl Franklin

UMM Leader

Carl is the person to reach out to when discussing anything that involves the United Methodist Men. During the Saturday meetings, he leads the discussion on all agenda items and initiates the voting process for any UMM changes or efforts.


Young Adult Pool Party & Barbecue

Friday, Dave and Linda Lewis’ House

Christ in Youth

Sunday, Christ In Youth Conference

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