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Growing and developing our faith is not just for the children. As individuals and as a community, we should never think of ourselves as accomplished or having arrived at our destination, but rather we are always seeking the next step God has for our learning and growth. We have a variety of Sunday Schools, Bible Studies, and other small groups which provide Adults of all ages support and guidance as they continue their Journey of Faith. All groups meet at the church unless otherwise noted.


Why the name?

The ABC class is the largest adult Sunday School class and includes many of our Greatest Generation members. Out of the spirit of always seeking ways to help others in need, they adopted the name ABC (always bring cash) to reflect their dedication to charitable causes around the church and in the community.

Curriculum:  DVD-based studies from a variety of authors.


Meeting time: 9:45 a.m. on Sundays

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The Discovery Class is made up of couples and parents of younger families who gather for spiritual formation and fellowship.  They use books and video-based Bible studies that emphasize the application to Christian living and enjoy a a group discussion format.

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The Gospels class is comprised of people in their forties through seventies. They have a lecture and group discussion format. They study the Gospels in depth, and compare the various stories between Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in their discussions.


Why the name?

The Modern Living Sunday School Class was formed when many of these young baby-boomers were raising small children and were questioning how to best live out their Christianity and raise Christian children in the modern world.

Curriculum:  DVD-based studies from a variety of authors.


Meeting time: 10:00 a.m. on Sundays

Over the years, new class members have expanded the age range represented in this class with some members now raising young children while other members’ have grandchildren.  The group continues to seek to grow as Christians and be faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ in our community and world.

Curriculum detailed:

The class members share facilitating duties of DVD-based studies from a variety of authors, for example, the Modern Living class has studied the Bible using many of the DVD studies by Leawood, Kansas UMC pastor Adam Hamilton (

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Why the name?

The New Horizons Sunday School class was formed by younger baby boomers when the church moved our contemporary service to 11:11 from the Sunday School hour.  In searching for a name that described their class, the concept of “new horizons” resonated with them and they adopted it as the name.

Curriculum:  In-depth Bible study with and without study guides.


Meeting Time: 9:45 a.m. on Sundays

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Our newest Adult Sunday School class meets in the Youth Building.  The class format is designed to meet the needs of the young professional, mid-twenties to forties. Donna and Kurt Kaufman are the class facilitators.

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The Open Door Class consists of adults in their forties through sixties. They pride themselves on their diversity and openness to discussion.  Recent topics have included world religions and controversial issues.

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The Searchers are a group of senior adults who study the Bible using a group discussion format.  They like to broaden their knowledge using the historical and geographical aspects of the biblical context as well as other sources in order to apply Christian values to an ever-changing world.

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Why the name?

The Voyagers Sunday School Class was an outgrowth of the Discovery class.  Carrying on the concept of discovery, this class members thought of it as boldly going where they had not been before and thus were on a new voyage. Though the original members were younger than baby-boomers, they class includes members in that generation as well.

Curriculum:  The class members share facilitating duties of DVD-based studies from a variety of authors.


Meeting Time:  10:00 a.m. on Sundays

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Unlike our church groups or mission groups, Sunday Schools always meet in a classroom setting with a group leader and have the intention of digging deeper into the word. Each small group may have a different teaching style (DVD, book, discussion, worksheets, etc.). All groups offer the opportunity to discuss personal thoughts and feelings about the topics, as well as ask questions about passages or lessons that may be confusing.


We know it can be difficult to take the next step from a large group environment like our weekend worship experience to a smaller setting. That’s why we would like to offer a few suggestions to help.


1) Reach out to our Associate Pastor and ask about the different Sunday School groups and how they vary.

2) Keep an open mind about visiting different class to see which one is a fit for you. If not, feel free to visit another Sunday School Class the following Sunday. We want to make sure you find a group that matches your interests and spiritual needs.


I want to make sure you have the best experience possible at First UMC Colleyville, especially when digging deeper in your faith.

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