Catalytic Conversations

Catalytic Conversations

This was the fourth week in our sermon series Unbinding Your Heart, and the sermon title was “Catalytic Conversations.” Through this series, we hope to equip people to share their faith in ways that is comfortable, appropriate, and authentic to them. We can sometimes have trouble with evangelism because we have seen it done so poorly. However, sharing our faith doesn’t have to be torture, it can be a natural outpouring of our lives. When it comes to sharing our faith, God calls us to make the invitations, but we can leave the results up to God.

In John 4, Jesus shows us how to have catalytic conversations with people. First, he establishes a caring relationship with the Samaritan woman at the well. He meets her where she is at. Then, Jesus listens for her hidden God questions. Lastly, he invites her into relationship with him. He tells her who he is and what he can do for her. He can offer her living water so that she never has to thirst again. As we think about applying these concepts to our own conversations, we must first develop a relationship with the person. Second, we must listen to the other person’s story and look for clues where the person is hurting. We listen to their uncertainties, fears, and struggles. Third, we tell our stories when the time is right. We share how God has given us life, joy, and hope, and how God has carried us through our own lives. You do not have to be an expert on the Bible to share your faith, you only must be an expert on your own story to share your faith.

Questions to Consider and Discuss:

  • Did you ever have a time of first being in love with God? How does that time compare with your feelings and understandings today?
  • Have you participated in helping Christ transform someone else’s life?

Scripture Readings:

  • Monday- Romans 5:35-39, Unbinding Your Heart pg. 148
  • Tuesday- John 14:12-14; Luke 9:1-6, Unbinding Your Heart pg. 149
  • Wednesday- Psalm 136, Unbinding Your Heart pg. 150
  • Thursday- Galatians 6:11-16, Unbinding Your Heart pg. 151
  • Friday- Matthew 5:14-16, Unbinding Your Heart pg. 152

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