Engage : Share (Easter Sunday)

Engage : Share (Easter Sunday)


Jesus is risen! Jesus is risen, indeed! We had a beautiful and joyous Easter worship in all of our services, celebrating Christ’s resurrection. 🙂 This Sunday, we finished up the last practice in our Disciple’s Path series- “Share.” This is the practice that calls us to share our faith and tell the good news that “Jesus is risen” with the world.


We read the Gospel of Matthew’s retelling of the resurrection in Matthew 28:1-10. Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James and Joseph, witnessed the whole crucifixion and burial of Jesus, and they go to the tomb on Sunday morning to be near Jesus and mourn his death. However, when they arrive at the tomb, it is empty. The guards at the tomb had been so struck with fear, the scripture says that they “became like dead men.” They fell to the ground, staying still and silent. But the angel says to the women, “Do not be afraid. Jesus is not here, he has been raised. Go and tell.” The women quickly go on the road to tell the disciples the good news, and it is when they go on the road that they encounter the risen Jesus. The fact that Jesus is risen means that we can be made new and alive in Christ. The fact that Jesus is risen means that suffering and death do not have the last word. The fact that Jesus is risen means we do not have to held captive by sin and death, but that we can be raised with Christ too.


Both the angel and Jesus tell the women “Do not be afraid.” We do not need to be afraid because Jesus is risen! Both the angel and Jesus give the women two commands- go and tell. We are called to go. We are called to go into our workplaces, our schools, our neighborhoods, and perhaps to the far corners of our nation and world. And we are called to tell. We tell the good news that death did not have the final word but that Jesus rose from the grave. We tell others that God can raise us from the dead and give us new life in Christ Jesus. We invite you to watch a short TED Talk called The Danger of Silence” for creative and relevant ways to use our voice to share our faith: https://www.ted.com/talks/clint_smith_the_danger_of_silence


Sometimes we tell our faith by showing it through our actions. We live out Matthew 25 by feeding people who are hungry, visiting those who are sick and in prison, and clothing the naked. If we want to meet the risen Jesus, we need to take to the road. Jesus is found wherever hurting, wounded people are. We tell others about our faith and the good news of Jesus by showing them the love of Christ. We can share our faith through show and tell, through both our words and our actions.


Questions to Consider and Discuss: 

  1. What is one way you can show your faith to others?
  2. Who is one person you can tell the good news to?
  3. Where is God calling you to “go and tell”?


Scripture Readings: 

Monday- Matthew 28:1-10

Tuesday- Mark 16:1-8

Wednesday- Luke 24:1-12

Thursday- John 20:1-18

Friday- 1 Corinthians 15:50-58


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