Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

This was our last week in our series Step Up to the Plate, and this week we talked about the famous baseball movie Field of Dreams. We cast visions for the field of dreams that God is calling us to build in our church and community.

In Revelation 21, the author visions for a new day dawning in Jerusalem. There will be no need for a sun or moon because God’s glory lights the day. There will be no darkness or evil there and all of the nations will walk by its light. This passage is an inspiring vision of God’s field of dreams, of a new day that will one day dawn. This vision may be hard for us to fathom because while we have experienced moments of hope and light, we have also experienced a lot of evil in our world too. However, this vision of a field of dreams, does not just have to be a futuristic hope that we look forward too, it is something that at least in part and through God, we can build here on earth in our present day. God’s field of dreams, otherwise known as the kingdom of God, can be at least in part be built on earth today.

In the movie Field of Dreams, a man named Ray Kinsella hears a voice that says, “If you build it, he will come.” The Voice calls Ray to build a baseball field in the middle of his cornfield in Iowa, a request right out of left field. He had a lot of nay-sayers in his community and in his own head not to build the field, since the cornfield was his source of revenue for his family. Nonetheless, he listened to the Voice built the baseball field. That ballpark became a place for broken, lost ballplayers to play the sport they loved. It was a gift of grace for baseball players, who had already died or were really old, to come back to life and live their dreams of playing baseball.

In our own lives, God’s voice calls us to build a field of dreams in our church and community, but we have a lot of naysayers in our lives and in our head that say it can’t be done. The naysayers tell us we don’t have the talents or ability to build the field of dreams. Like Ray, God calls us to say no to the naysayers and say yes to God’s nudges to build the field of dreams. God calls us to not just take a leap of faith, but to walk by faith. God knows what we need better than we do. God knows there is a better use for that cornfield, even if everyone thinks we are crazy for building a baseball field. At the end of the movie, Ray is able to be reconciled with his own father and even play a game of catch with him. His dad asks him the question “Is this heaven?” It is our prayer, that question becomes a reality for our church, where so many people are transformed by Christ in and through our church that they ask the question “Is this heaven?”

Questions to Consider and Discuss:
1. What field of dreams is God calling you to build?
2. How is God calling you to partner with our church in building a field of dreams in 2018?

Scripture Readings:
Monday- Revelation 21:9-27
Tuesday- Luke 21:1-4
Wednesday- Matthew 6:9-13
Thursday- 2 Corinthians 9:5-15
Friday- Psalm 24:1-10


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