Runs Batted in

Runs Batted in

This was the third week in our sermon series Step Up to the Plate, in which we have been learning what baseball has to do with stewardship. This week we looked at the concept of “runs batted in” to bring people home to Jesus Christ. In baseball, batters try and hit the ball in such a way that it brings runners on base home. In worship, we talked about what it would mean for our church to increase our runs batted in to bring more people home.

We read Romans 10:12-15, in which Paul asks some challenging questions. How can people have faith in someone they haven’t heard of? How can they hear without a preacher? People will not know about Jesus, unless we share that good news with our words and our actions. We are all preachers of the Gospel. We are all commissioned to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. As the commentator Vonderbruegge writes, “The voice of the proclaimer is in fact of the voice of Christ himself coming through the one whom he has sent.” We do not proclaim the good news on our own, but through Christ speaking in us.

Our primary task church is to bring people home, into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. For those of us who are already followers of Jesus, our church desires to advance them to a different base to grow as a disciple. For people who have never heard of Jesus and who have never had an encounter with him, through Christ, we want to bring them home too. Jesus is the one who saves people, but God uses us as vessels to share Christ with the world. Relating this RBI concept to stewardship, when we support the church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness, we fulfill our mission to bring people home. We fulfill our vision to be an outwardly focused church that engages the local community to reveal the life-changing impact of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the commitment of all of us stepping up to the plate together as a team, and through the strength of Christ, we will bring more runners home into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and an abundant, eternal life.

Scripture Readings
Monday- Romans 10:12-21
Tuesday- Isaiah 52:1-15
Wednesday- Matthew 10:1-15
Thursday- Matthew 25:14-30
Friday- Psalm 100:1-5

Questions to Consider and Discuss:
1. When you think about the word “evangelism,” what thoughts and feelings come to mind?
2. How is God inviting you to “bring someone home” to Jesus Christ this week?


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