Serve : Help

Serve : Help


This week was the sixth week in our Disciple’s Path series and we moved to the “Serve” area of discipleship and talked about helping others in the community and world. From poverty to disease to domestic abuse to refugees to veterans, there is a whole lot of need in our world. With so many broken and hurting people in our world, there are countless opportunities to reach out and serve others in our local community and world.

One of the last teachings Jesus leaves his disciples with before his suffering and death is a call to serve others (Luke 22:24-30). Jesus says that he comes “among [us] as one who serves,” and he teaches that the greatest will become like the younger and the leader like a servant. At the heart of Jesus’ ministry, Jesus is a servant. Jesus served to change people’s lives and to show them that God loves each person. When Jesus served, it brought God’s kingdom here on earth a little bit. As disciples, we are called to follow Jesus and do what Jesus does. We serve because it is what Jesus calls us to. We serve to share God’s love and hope with others. We serve because it makes the world a better place, and it creates opportunities for people to live better, more fulfilling lives. When we serve, God brings God’s kingdom here on earth a little bit more. In serving, we shift from being self-absorbed to servant driven.


John and Charles Wesley, founders of the Methodist movement, visited prisoners, feed people who were hungry, and educated children each week. Serving is at the core of our Methodist roots. As pastors, we are proud that our church is so committed to missions. We have opportunities to help with numerous missions- Project Read, Weekend Food Program, Child Rescue Center/Mercy Hospital, and Mission Possible Kids just to name a few. The next step as a church in serving is to view serving as an opportunity to build relationships. Building relationships with people we serve is where that “life-change” part of our vision statement starts to occur.


Pastor Mike said we can be one of two types of “basin theology.” We can either be the basin Pilate washes his hands clean of the mess and the struggle, or we can be the basin Jesus uses to wash his disciple’s feet in. Which basin will you choose to be?


Scripture Readings:

Monday- Luke 22:24-30

Tuesday- John 13:1-20

Wednesday- James 2:14-26

Thursday- 1 Samuel 12:20-25

Friday- Proverbs 14:21-35


Questions to Consider:

  1. In what ways does serving transform us? In what ways does serving transform our world?
  2. How is God calling you to take the next step in serving?

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