The Impossible Dream

The Impossible Dream

Man of La Mancha was our musical theme this week in our third week of our God on Broadway series. In this series, we are seeing what we can learn about God and our faith through the storylines of Broadway musicals. The musical Man of La Mancha is a story within a story about a man named Miguel de Cervantes, who was an author and an actor that was thrown into prison for criticizing the Spanish Inquisition. While in prison, the inmates seize his play manuscript and put him on a mock trial in order to determine whether the manuscript of his play should be returned. Cervantes’ defense is in the form of a play, in which he plays the role of Alonso Quijana, who is an older man who renames himself Don Quioxte. Don Quioxte goes forth as a knight-errant to find adventures and a life worth living.


In the musical, Don Quioxte sees worth and beauty in a woman of the streets named Aldonza, who is a broken and abused woman that fails to see worth in herself. He sees God in her, and he renames her Dulcinea to show the goodness he sees in her. In an encounter with Aldonza, Don Quioxte sings the famous song “The Impossible Dream,” in which he talks about following the quest to achieve the impossible dream. The song discusses pressing forward in life to “march into hell for a heavenly cause.”


Our scripture reading was Matthew 16:24-28, which some might think is an impossible dream. This passage is Jesus’ understanding of what it means to be a disciple. Jesus says to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow him. He asserts that those who save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life will save it. This idea that losing our life to save it does not make much sense. In our world, we think that saving our life by focusing primarily on our individual needs and wants will give us true life. But Jesus teaches us that living our life for Christ and not for ourselves is what gives us true, abundant life. Being a disciple of Jesus costs us our life, and it means that we follow Jesus with our whole self. It means that we are not only Christians on Sunday but also every other day of the week too. Through laying down our lives and following Christ with all we are every day, we can reach the impossible dream of true, abundant life in Christ.


Scripture Reading:

Monday- Matthew 16:24-28

Tuesday- John 12:20-26

Wednesday- Luke 14:25-33

Thursday- John 8:1-11

Friday- Psalm 1:1-6


Questions to Consider and Discuss:

  • What is a disciple?
  • What do you think Jesus means when he says “those who lose their lives for my sake will save it”?
  • How is God calling you to take the next step of faith in following Jesus?

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