Waters of Baptism

Waters of Baptism

Water, bread, and wine are all three common elements we use often. In God’s hands, these common elements become signs of God’s uncommon grace. Over the next three weeks, we are taking an in-depth look at communion and baptism, discovering why they are significant and how they can help us embrace the gift of God’s love and forgiveness in our everyday lives.

Today we talked all about water. Water is one of the most common elements in our world, comprising about 70% of the earth and 60% of human bodies. Water is all around us- we drink it, we use it to wash clothes and cook, we use it to farm and fish, we use it to go swimming. God takes this matter that we see and use every day and does something extraordinary with it. God uses it to baptize us. God uses water to baptize us into God’s royal family, making us sons and daughters of the King. As the water washes over us in baptism, God reminds us that we are forgiven, our sins are wiped away. We are no longer defined by what the world says about us or what we say about ourselves, we are defined by Christ, a new creation in him. Baptism is a sign of God’s Spirit being poured onto us.

When Jesus is baptized in Mark 1:4-11, God establishes who Jesus is by saying “This is my son, whom I love, with him I am well pleased.” God tells Jesus who he is. In baptism, God tells us who we are too. God affirms, “This is my daughter/son, whom I love, with her/him I am well pleased.” In baptism, God is the primary actor and initiator. Baptism is about God does for us, not about what we understand and do.

Every time you see and use water this week, we invite you to “remember your baptism.” Remember what it signifies. Remember that God uses the common element of water to show us uncommon grace. God forgives us and makes us a new creation. God tells us that we are beloved sons and daughters of God, initiated into the royal family.

Scripture Readings:

  • Monday- Mark 1:4-11
  • Tuesday- Matthew 3:13-17
  • Wednesday- Luke 3:15-22
  • Thursday- John 1:19-34
  • Friday- Psalm 65:1-13

Questions to Consider and Discuss:

  • Why is baptism important?
  • What does “remember your baptism” mean to you?
  • Think about all the ways you engage with water during your day. Every time you see and/or use water this week, we invite you to remember your baptism.

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