What Is Your Story?

What Is Your Story?


This week we talked about the “What” question of sharing our story. What do we say to other people when we share our story? What is our story? Sibyl Towner says “To be human is to have a story. Telling our stories is to the spirit what the flow of blood is to our body.” God has given each of us a story to share.


Paul shares his story with the Church of Galatia in Galatians 1:11-24. As he shares his story, Paul talks about how God revealed Jesus to him. This experience was a defining moment in his life, and from that moment on he would never be the same. This revelation was not merely a knowledge in the head but also of the heart. Paul recounts that God set him apart for a specific purpose and calling- to proclaim the faith he used to persecute, to preach the good news to the Gentiles. As Paul tells his story, he focuses on what God did in his life to bring him from death to life. God initiates the relationship with Paul and with us, calling us forth to be part of a story much greater than ourselves.


While we do not have the same story as Paul, there are elements of his story that are similar for us. God calls us into relationship with God, through God’s grace, to bring us from death to life. We all have a unique and important story to share. As you think about the “what” part of your story, we invite you to scan your life lived up to this point and to write down three different headline moments, e.g. experiences and relationships, that have impacted your growth as a Christ follower. Then, reflect on what impact those experiences had on your life of faith. Another way to figure out your story is to chart the highs and lows of your life on a piece of paper and write where you have experienced God in the peaks and valleys.


Who is the author of your story? Who do you allow to write your story? Sometimes other people, such as bullies or others who tear us down, to write our stories. However, God is the ultimate author of our story and God is at work in all of our lives. God is present with us in the peaks and in the valleys.


Scripture Readings:

Monday: Galatians 1

Tuesday: Galatians 2

Wednesday: Galatians 3

Thursday: Galatians 4

Friday: Galatians 5

Saturday: Galatians 6


Questions to Consider: 

  1. Scan your life. What are three headline moments, either experiences or relationships, that impacts your growth as a Christ follower. What impact have those moments had on your life?
  2. Who is the author of your story?

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