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    Praying the Scripture with Pastor Mike, Mark 1:29-39

    February 2, 2021 at 6:56 pm · · Comments Off on Praying the Scripture with Pastor Mike, Mark 1:29-39

    Praying the Scripture with Pastor Mike, Mark 1:29-39

    Dear Members and Friends of First UMC Colleyville:

    Below are links to several different prayer experiences that focus on this coming Sunday’s Gospel Reading: Mark 1:29-39.  I invite you to visit and use these links in the days ahead as we all prepare ourselves for worship on Sunday.

    DAY 1

    A Guided Meditation on the Healing of Peter’s Mother-in-Law

    The first experience is a guided meditation or prayer on the first part of the passage (Mark 1:29-34), “The healing of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law.”  It’s from a podcast called The Bible Meditation Podcast.  After walking us through the text, the narrator invites us to respond to the text with four questions originally posed by Martin Luther.  You’ll need to set aside about 15 minutes to do the meditation justice.  Make sure you have a pen or pencil and paper.

    DAY 2

    Lectio Divina

    Today we will use the ancient prayer method Lectio Divina (Divine Reading).  Lectio Divina allows us to focus on the word by looking at a passage and asking ourselves different questions about what we’ve read.  The guide that we are using invites us to read the Scripture several times.

    First, we begin with prayer to center us. Second, we Read (Lectio) the passage two or three times (preferably aloud) to get a feeling for what’s going on.  Following the guide, we move to the next step, Meditation (Meditatio). We read the passage aloud again and then respond to the three questions.  When we complete that phase we turn the paper over to find we are to respond to the reading with Prayer (Oratio).

    Again, we read the Scripture passage aloud and then offer up to God whatever has come to mind (e.g., praise, petition or thanksgiving). Once that step is completed, we move on to Contemplation (Contemplatio) where we reflect on what we’ve read by responding to the questions under that heading.  Next, we offer up a moment of silence, pray the Lord’s Prayer and conclude the Closing Prayer from Psalm 147.  The last step is to look at something tangible we can do in response to what we’ve read.  Suggestions are given under the heading “Living the Word This Week.”

    DAY 3

    Pray-As-You-Go Guided Meditation on Mark 1:29-34

    Pray-As-You-Go is my favorite online prayer tool.  It is available as a podcast and offers wonderful guided prayers on the Scriptures.  You will need about 15 minutes for this meditation.  Make sure you’re in a comfortable place but not so comfortable you fall asleep.  Pray-As-You-Go uses a variety of Christian music: traditional, classical, contemporary, and even ethnic.  If the music that begins the meditation is not your cup of tea, don’t worry.  It will pass in a couple of minutes.  Stick with the meditation to the very end.

    DAY 4

    Lectio Divina

    This is another Lectio Divina meditation on our Scripture for today.  It comes from the British United Bible Society and is in the form of a book on pdf.  By clicking the link, you will be directed to the first page of the pdf.  Simply scroll down to the Meditation on page 16.  The date on the right page document is February 5.  That’s because that was the date this passage was read when the book was first printed.  If you have trouble scrolling down to page 16, go to the end and back up three pages.

    DAY 5

    Commentary and Reflections on the Lectionary Readings for Sunday, February 7, 2021

    As we get closer to Sunday, we’re looking for more ways to apply the passage to our lives.  This link takes you to a site at First UMC of Baton Rouge.  It provides you with both text, commentary, and reflections on three of the lectionary passages slated for Sunday and closes using the Psalm for the day.

    DAY 6

    Commentary on Mark 1:29-39

    Finally, this last link offers us some interesting thoughts on Simon Peter’s mother-in-law and how we might respond to this passage.


    I hope you find these meditations helpful in preparing you for Sunday.  I know I will appreciate knowing that I have fellow travelers on the road with me as I prepare the sermon.  I covet your prayers and look forward to hearing your insights from these opportunities to connect with God.

    Grace and Peace –
    Pastor Mike

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