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    Praying the Scripture with Pastor Mike, Mark 9:1-13

    February 24, 2021 at 12:54 pm · · Comments Off on Praying the Scripture with Pastor Mike, Mark 9:1-13

    Praying the Scripture with Pastor Mike, Mark 9:1-13

    Dear Members and Friends of First UMC Colleyville:

    This is our third week of praying the Scripture Lesson for Sunday together. Once again I have provided you with a variety of experiences from both Protestant and Catholic prayer traditions. Make sure that with each mediation you have a pen or pencil and paper. You might even want to invest in a journal or notebook to record your experiences.

    This week’s scripture is Mark’s version of the Transfiguration (Mark 9:1-13). In 9:1 Jesus tells His disciples that some of them will not taste death until they see the Kingdom of God coming with power. That verse introduces the Transfiguration in which Jesus is seen as the fulfillment of the both the Law (as depicted by Moses) and Prophets (as depicted by Elijah). The disciples’ presence coupled with Jesus’ radiance demonstrates the power promised in Verse one.  Peter, James and John are the witnesses who saw the kingdom coming in power.

    DAY 1 – Bible Meditation Podcast #1241

    When you go to this link, skip the first meditation and pray #1241: Mark 2-9 Gospel Meditation.  We will pray the top meditation on day 5.

    DAY 2 – Lectio Divina

    This link will take you to the Lectio Divina website that we use on Thursdays for Lectio Divina.

    DAY 3 – Sacred Space

    This link gives you the text and then several meditative questions to help you find where this passage speaks to your life.

    DAY 4 – Lectio Divina by the British Bible Society

    For today’s Lectio Divina prayer, turn to page 6 , The Second Sunday of Lent, March 8 in the pdf.
    Please click this link.

    DAY 5 – Bible Meditation Podcast #1242

    Return to the same link as Day 1 but now pray Meditation #1242. It’s the same passage as before but with a different prayer focus.

    DAY 6 – 3-Step Themed Scripture Meditation

    This prayer invites us to look at the text in three ways: Encounter, Follow & Respond.


    Thank you for praying with me this week. I hope this not only makes the sermon more meaningful but that you find yourself drawing closer to Jesus each day.

    Grace and Peace –
    Pastor Mike

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