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Reopen Plan

July 17, 2020 at 2:00 pm · · Comments Off on Reopen Plan

Reopen Plan

Dear Church,

We have good news to share! We have moved to move to Phase 2 of our Reopen Plan (plan details below)! As a reminder, Phase 2 allows internal church small groups of 10 people or less to gather in-person on our church campus. Groups can meet in select spaces outside or inside on campus grounds.

Group leaders recently received information on making reservations. The group leader must make a reservation with our Office Manager Julie Schinkel at least 5 days prior to the group meeting. Groups must adhere to the Small Group Gathering guidelines: Indoor Guidelines and Outdoor Guidelines. Facilities will be cleaned between each group gathering. Internal church small groups can begin to meet on campus, after completing their reservations, on Sunday September 13. Groups that are larger than 10 can meet in multiple groups (up to three groups) of ten people or less in different areas of the church campus simultaneously.

We strongly encourage groups that do meet in person to continue to have a virtual option available for group members. Additionally, we encourage people who are 65+ and/or in an at-risk category to continue to meet virtually.

We encourage you to continue to stay safe and diligent as we move into Phase 2. Thank you for your continued support, understanding, and patience as we navigate through this process of reopening.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Mike and Pastor Katie

FUMC Colleyville Reopen Plan Summary

Phased Reopening

The gradual re-entry into our FUMC Colleyville campus will occur in five phases with incremental engagement and access to our campus. Online worship and ministry will continue through each phase. Each phase includes the previous additions from earlier phases.

The outline below highlights the current state of the campus reentry actions and plans:

  • Phase 1: All ministries online.
  • Phase 2a: Internal adult and youth groups allowed to meet outside on church grounds, with strict safety guidelines, and an online option. The maximum number will be determined by government mandate.
  • Phase 2b: Internal adult and youth groups allowed to meet inside church in groups of 10 people or less, with strict safety guidelines, and an online option.
  • Phase 3: Worship on campus with strict safety guidelines, in addition to online worship. Adult and youth groups can meet inside the church building, with the maximum number determined by government mandate.
  • Phase 4: External groups can begin to meet at the church.
  • Phase 5: Children’s ministry programming resumes in the church building.

What are our church’s guiding principles for reopening?

Your health and safety are critically important to us. Therefore, our re-entry will be guided by our mission statement, the United Methodist Church, Central Texas Conference directives, government mandates, and Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations. As a church, we want to be data driven, not driven by our desires. We recognize the need to monitor cases in both Tarrant and Dallas counties, given Colleyville’s proximity to the county line. We will use Dallas Public Health’s system of four levels of risk (see image below) to as our determining factor for a phased reopening.

Reopen Plan 4

Phase 2a will go into effect after a 14-day decline of documented new cases in Tarrant and Dallas counties. Phase 2b will go into effect when risk level moves from Red to Orange. Phase 3 will go into effect once the risk level moves Orange to Yellow. The timeline for additional phases is TBD. At this time, we are using the Dallas Public Health levels of risk as our guide; however, this is subject to change if the need arises.

Additional Information

The full reopen plan includes more specific details regarding hygiene, hospitality, in-person worship, and groups. Once we move to Phase 2, each person participating in an in-person church gathering must adhere to the “Loving Agreement for Reopening,” and each group meeting on-campus must agree to FUMCC Small Group Gathering Guidelines. You can view the full reopen plan and the Loving Agreement online.

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