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Be the Change: Week 1

October 20, 2019 at 4:18 pm · · Comments Off on Be the Change: Week 1

Be the Change: Week 1

Sometimes we wonder if one person can actually make a difference in the world. Sometimes we become so overwhelmed by all that is wrong with the world that we doubt that we can make a positive impact as just one person. This Sunday we began a two-week series called “Be the Change,” a series where we are asking the question “Can one person actually make a difference?” Through this series, we hope to embrace and live out the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world.”┬áTo change the world, we have to change ourselves first.

Daniel was a prophet who lived during an era when the Jews were living under the Persian rule. Daniel was a Jew with a strong faith in God, and he served the Persian king by interpreting dreams and signs. But when a law was passed forbidding people to worship any god other than King Darius or else they would be thrown into a pit of lions, Daniel was put into a difficult position- to save his life and dishonor God or to risk his life and honor God. Daniel chose to pray to God by an open window in his home just like he always did. His disobedience to the Persian law lands him in a pit of lions; however, God ensured that the lions would not touch Daniel and his life was spared. This miracle moved King Darius to belief in God, and he abolished the law about worshipping King Darius and replaced it with a call for everyone to follow the God of Daniel.

Daniel was just one person going against the Persian law and government. His action to stand up for his faith combined with God’s power led to monumental change in the land. King Darius along with many others in the empire began to follow God. Daniel dared to be the change he desired to see in the world. The same can hold true for us too. When we commit to “being the change” and that combines with the mighty power of God, we can create positive change in our world. Positive change does not always have to be something big and drastic, it can start small. Positive change often starts with just one- one prayer in front of an open window, one act of civil disobedience against an injustice, one child to sponsor, one $20 bill you give, one commitment to listen to understand. Will you dare to be a Daniel in our world?

Scripture Readings:
Monday- Daniel 6:1-9
Tuesday- Daniel 6:10-22
Wednesday- Daniel 6:23-28
Thursday- Daniel 3:1-18
Friday- Daniel 3:19-30

Questions to Consider and Discuss:
1. What are your thoughts on the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world”? Do you like the quote? Why or why not?
2. How is God inviting you to “be the change” in your own spheres of influence?

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